Accounting and Bookkeeping services in UAE

NSKT Global propounds a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services that address to the financial requirements of businesses across the globe. Ensuring IFRS and UAE law compliance NSKT Global services address the highest level of professional standards and quality.

  • Accounting and reporting services: NSKT Global is highly proficient in designing and implementation of the financial accounting system, establishing accounting procedures. NSKT Global also offers account updating services along with supervision and financial accounting review and reporting periodically.

  • Accounting outsourcing services: With businesses facing trouble in maintaining their record of transactions daily, NSKT Global resolves this issue by offering account outsourcing services. The generated documents such as invoices, vouchers, bills, etc. are sent through secure platforms to the NSKT Global team which update, maintain and analyze the records, which are used by the organization to improve financial decision making.

  • Accounting services: Right from extending our support for updating of transactions daily into our robust accounting software along with reconciliation services along with periodic reports provided to the management. Weekly and Monthly visits for inspection are also given.

  • Account supervision services: NSKT Global team of experts will supervise the accounting work done by the accountant of the company periodically. Supervision will include a review of the books kept and maintained along with supporting documents, analysis of sales, recognition of revenue transactions, and much more.

  • Updation of backlog accounts: Clients, who aren’t aware of the mandate to update their Account books and reports of the ongoing financial period, are offered service of updating of backlog accounts by NSKT Global. The highly qualified experts maintain the ledgers and generate reports which include balance sheets, cash flow statements, P&L account, financial ratio analysis, working capital analysis, the margin of safety, and much more.

  • Reconciliation services: NSKT Global experts assist in reconciliation services to its clients across the globe- Bank statement reconciliation, Vendor payment reconciliation/ supplier ledger reconciliation, customer ledger reconciliation, intercompany reconciliations.

NSKT Global is a top accounting and bookkeeping firm in the UAE which is trusted by all kinds of businesses for all of their accounting and bookkeeping needs. We provide to the point solutions which can be implemented easily in your business. Through Accounting and bookkeeping services offered by NSKT global team of experts, the efficiency of operations can be improved with the management of data entry work and focusing on important business operations.

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