Tax Agent Services in UAE

Any person who is liable to assist another person in payment of taxes to the government, the exercise of his/her tax rights, and is appointed to represent him/her before the authority is referred to as a Tax agent. Business owners while looking for Tax agent service providers should ensure that the one they are/ will be authorized by Federal Tax Authority or FTA in UAE.

Certified tax agents of distinguished organizations such as NSKT Global are the experts which will manage all tax affairs associated with your business when you avail of their high-quality services. Along with management, advantages of hiring services of certified tax agents of NSKT Global include:

  • Assistance in VAT registration, VAT group registration, VAT person registration.

  • Preparation, submission, and filing of VAT returns on the organization’s behalf.

  • Maintenance of all records related to tax transactions.

  • Connection with FTA for all tax-related issues.

  • Preparation of all tax-related documents while tax audit.

  • The assistance of FTA on the organization’s behalf at the time of tax audit.

  • Assistance in the request for reconsideration on VAT.

  • Assistance in de-registration of VAT.

With so many additional facilities, NSKT Global’s certified and expert Tax agents utilize the latest technology for preparing documents that are reviewed multiple times for any discrepancy or error that may occur. This relaxes businesses from the worries of VAT compliances, improving the efficiency of their daily operations. Being one of the top tax agent firms in the UAE, NSKT Global not only assists its clients in legal compliance and regulatory services particular to their business but also ensures to update them on the new developments that can affect their business interests.

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