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Lead Management Dashboard

Bank Wallet is a loan aggregator company operating in various cities of the US namely Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and Nashville. It allows borrowers to receive different kinds of loans based on their own requirements. Additionally, the company offers several types of loans - Personal Loan, Loan Against Property, Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, Student Loan and Business Loan. Cold calls, Referrals, Website and Advertisements are its different sources of leads.

Key Insights

  • Highest conversion rate is 7.63% in the housing loan category with 197 leads and lead amount of $ 54.23 million with highest cases disbursed of 234. Advertisement is the best source for sourcing leads with the highest conversion rate of 7.58% and total leads around 2938.
  • Highest conversion is in the month of May with 12% conversion. This is on account of festive season and worst conversion is in the month of march due to covid pandemic lockdown.
  • Highest rejection was observed in the month of may with overall rejected leads of 1129 due to primary reasons like Low cibil, Job instability and inaccurate details in application.
  • Lead funnel has maximum leads in the stage of follow up (1403 leads) , info gathering (795 leads) , negotiation (556 leads) and qualified (238 leads).
  • Highest rejection is due to low cibil (credit) score and filing inaccurate applications thus company should implement a system to avoid capturing leads on paid or organic campaigns by checking automatic CIBIL (credit score ) and denying the applicant to fill the form due to ineligibility thus saving team efforts and cost.
  • Turnaround time was observed to be the least in the month of January (~13 days) with a conversion rate of 8%. While in March, it was the highest (~18 days). JP Morgan Chase & Co has the best turnaround time of 14.5 days and worst turnaround time of 17.5 days with capital one financial corp.
  • Highest lead amount of $55M was taken for the purpose of Marriage by 1196 females and 646 males. On the other hand, the least lead amount of $47.58M accounted for Medical Purposes. Out of these 1934 leads, there were 778 females and the rest 1156 were males.
  • Highest leads are sourced from the age bracket of 31 to 45 years with highest conversion rate , it helps companies to optimize the online campaigns targeting this age group.

This cumulative dashboard primarily indicates the Lead Status and Demographics of Bank Wallet through numerous descriptive Key Performance Indicators. With this dashboard, it’ll be easier for the lead management team to keep a track of these metrics, which most definitely is a critical component of lead generation strategies and optimising the marketing campaigns.

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