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Our Professional Tax Experts in Los Angeles provide customized tax planning, filing, and audit defense solutions to meet your unique needs. We prepare compliant, error-free filings, identify savings through proactive strategies, and resolve all tax issues in your best interests. With our in-depth IRS expertise and a focus on clarifying complexities, we simplify taxes for individuals and businesses with year-round guidance to help maximize refunds and financial opportunities.

Accounting Services

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our experienced certified tax preparers provide tailored tax minimization roadmaps aligned with your short and long-term financial objectives. Leveraging comprehensive expertise in IRC laws and regulations, we produce compliant documentation and filings to optimize your obligations. Our solutions promise significant Tax savings each year.

Tax Services

Tax Audit Defense

Our seasoned audit defense experts leverage proven methodologies to override inaccurate IRS findings proficiently and eject flawed claims. By promptly satisfying information requests, drafting essential documents, citing precise codes, and steadfastly correcting misapplied rules, we reshape proceedings in your favor to conclusively reduce audit strain and liability.

Employee Retention Tax Credit Services

Tax Assessment Services

Our credentialed CPAs and tax attorneys move beyond basic compliance to uncover planning opportunities within intersecting local, state, and federal codes to help you maximize refunds. Our tailored assessments and actionable guidance optimize income routing, growth vehicles, and wealth transfers tailored to your vision and empower smarter tax decisions.

Fractional CFO Services

Tax Dispute Resolution

Our authoritative tax dispute negotiators implement argument-based resolution strategies underpinned by meticulous documentation and planning for favorable outcomes. We achieve maximized settlements by identifying technical ambiguities, structuring irrefutable appeals, and establishing your taxpayer rights. Our mastery of judicial channels simplifies convoluted legal processes.

Tax Service Packages

Basic Plan

$ 99
  • See if you qualify
  • Includes 1 State Filing
  • W-2 income
  • Limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV

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Deluxe Plan

$ 149
  • Everything in Basic Plus
  • Maximize Deductions & Credit
  • Federal & 2 States

Premier Plan

$ 199
  • Everything in Deluxe Plus
  • Investment & Rental Property
  • Federal & 2 States

Business Return

(C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC)
$ 349
  • Everything in Premier Plus
  • Personal & Business Income /Expenses
  • Federal & 2 States

Reliable and Trusted Tax Experts For Professional Tax Services in Los Angeles

NSKT offers comprehensive and affordable Tax services in Los Angeles, CA, including expert tax preparation, filing, audit defense, assessment, and advisory solutions. With over a decade of serving Los Angeles residents and businesses, our Los Angeles tax preparation specialists cater to diverse taxpayers, understanding their unique requirements and opportunities within California codes. Our extensive experience and deep expertise in the local environment allow our tax preparers in Los Angeles to become your trusted partners invested in minimizing obligations and maximizing refunds for now and for future filings.

 Unlock Financial Success with Numbers Made Simple

We take the time upfront to comprehensively understand your financial landscape across income streams, assets, debts, life changes, and short and long-term financial goals to develop tax processes for optimal outcomes. Our Los Angeles tax services strive to uncover every permissible credit, deduction, and strategic avenue to legally optimize your tax status. Our Los Angeles Tax prep goes beyond surface-level preparation, proactively preparing quarterly estimates and planning sessions to implement savings well before tax season. Our deep expertise around niche technical elements within local, state, and federal tax codes provides us with insights that our competitors lack.

Our Los Angeles tax consultants are responsive, dependable partners who stand by your side during annual filing time and year-round. We ensure every document is audit-proof and quickly contest any inaccurate IRS findings through methodical audit defense. During disputes over penalties or amounts owed, our intimate knowledge of judicial processes, from appeals to tax court, allows us to negotiate balanced settlements favorably. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, self-employed individual, or a large corporation, we alleviate the common headaches, delays, and legal complexities you face when dealing with taxation authorities.

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Why Choose NSKT For Your Tax Services in Los Angeles

Our team of licensed CPAs and Enrolled Agents have extensive knowledge of personal and business taxes. We stay updated on the latest tax laws and regulations to provide accurate filing and optimal outcomes for our clients.
Our competitive and transparent pricing structure offers great value without compromising quality. We provide tailored packages to suit different budgets, utilize the latest technology to reduce costs, and streamline processes to save you time.
We take the time to understand your unique financial situation and goals. We design customized tax strategies and approaches that ensure we find all eligible deductions and credits to minimize your tax liability within legal frameworks.
With our deep understanding of state and local tax codes in California, we can maximize deductions and credits specific to Los Angeles residents and businesses. We understand your Tax situation and provide solutions that meet your needs.

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