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Accounts Receivable & Payable Dashboard

Acmen ltd is a business which deals in ceramic business functioning in 15 cities of US. It deals in clay, cement, glass, stoneware and porcelain. The company has a customer base of 70 and deals with 8 suppliers. This dashboard is designed to track and monitor different KPIs like debtor turnover ratio, average collection days , outstanding with age bracket, average risk of bad debts etc.

At a simple click on the visuals, management can get answers for various questions like what are the overdues and from which customer? What is the location of the customer, what is the average risk of bad debt? It will help to evaluate and improve collection efficiency with least efforts and building customer relationships.

On the AP side the business owner can track what the outstanding amount is and what are the deadlines to it.Keeping an eye on the deadlines will help the business to make prompt payments that reduces late penalties while promoting strong supplier relationships.

These are few analytics presented in dashboards , management can further drill down and pinpoint cash flow blockages and streamline efforts of collection and payable teams.

Key Insights

Accounts Receivables

  • The debtor’s turnover ratio of the business is 5.19 times which means collecting cash more frequently. The total accounts receivables correspond to $857,000 out of which $205,000 is overdue with 22.37% average risk factor of bad debt . The average collection period in the past is 70 days and majority of amount due is within 0 – 30 days bracket which is good for business.
  • Massachusetts has the highest outstanding amount of $39,411 with 9.38% of average risk of bad debt. On other hand Ohio has the least outstanding amount of $5000 but has an 83.33% of high risk of bad debt.
  • Stephany is the top delinquent customer owing a debt of $16,000 with 50% of overdue from top 10 delinquent customers.

Accounts Payables

  • The creditor’s turnover ratio of the business is 0.03 times & payable period of 3.58 days which means that creditors are paid on time.
  • The total accounts payable stands for $369.770K out of which $190.76K is overdue and $147.26K is overdue from top 5 vendors meaning there could be possible supply cut out from these suppliers and impacting sales.
  • VPS services is the highest creditor with an overdue amount of $47.04K. Management can see for which states maximum amount is overdue leading to supply shortages further resulting in loss in sales

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