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Stephens university facing challenge in analyzing best courses with highest retention rates, enrolments, and optimum utilisation of marketing budget. The university has student intake spreading across 9 states in the US with 5 departments of School of Philosophy and Religion, School of Law, School of Business, School of Education and School of Health Sciences offering 14 courses to the students. There are 104 faculties and 1231 students in the university. The University provides scholarships and placements to its students. By Using data analytics and measuring KPIs using performance dashboards they have come out with few key insights helping them in making better decisions.

Key Insights

Students Enrolment Dashboard: -

  • University has generated the maximum number of fees ($1.08 million) with highest average enrollment 39.79 % in year 2021.
  • School of Law is having highest number of enrolment (34.02%) with student strength of 313. Maximum students are from Colorado (76 students) & Florida (75 students) and with a student mix of 236 male students and 77 female students.
  • School of Philosophy & Religion are having highest number of students (315 students) with the maximum number of students from Florida (69 students) with an enrollment percentage of 31.85%.
  • Lowest enrollment is in the School of Health Sciences (133 students) with a fee of $432,297.
  • Florida has the highest number of enrolments of students (278 students) whereas California has least number of enrolments (57 students). On the other hand, the major chunk of fees comes from Florida i.e., $1.02 million.
  • Student mix ratio is approx. 2:1 with 65.8% of Male enrolments and 34.2% of Female enrolments.

Retention Dashboard: -

  • The Maximum number of students were retained in the Year 2017 with an overall retention rate of 49.41%.
  • The female retention rate was highest in the Year 2020 (55.28%) with highest retention of 80.21% in Ph.D. Program.
  • Students doing part-time jobs have a higher retention rate (49.02%) as compared to students doing full-time jobs (35.40%).
  • Maryland has the highest retention rate among all the states (61.71%). Virginia is a state that retained the maximum number of students (31,654).
  • Florida is the only state where the average retention rate has been increasing over the period of 4 years from 30.8% (Year 2017) to 73.9% (Year 2020).

Students Enrolment Dashboard: -

  • Maximum ROI is from management courses with ROI of 33.33% with net profit of $6 million with investment of $95K which includes television ($32K), Facebook ($23K) and LinkedIn ($19K).
  • The maximum net profit lies within the Engineering courses ($10 Million) with investment of $78k which includes $60K from main sources like television ($25K), Facebook ($20K) and LinkedIn ($15K) and ROI of 16.12%.
  • Highest number of leads has been converted in the month of October with number of leads 237 and conversion 57 with conversion rate of 24.05%. These leads are from Illinois (69 leads), Oregon (80 leads) & Wisconsin (88 leads) and all of them are for journalism course.

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