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Marketing Dashboard

Ravi Tea Private LLC is a tea brand company which operates in 4 states of the United States (California, Texas, New Mexico, Florida) produces and sells tea packets of different flavours. It has tried different marketing strategies via different channels at different points of time but isn’t able to judge which strategies and channels have yielded the best outcomes. Some challenges faced by the company.

  • Company is not able to recognize which type of advertisements attract the maximum user base.
  • Further, website has large number of visitors and impressions via different channels however investing the maximum advertisement expenditure on the most feasible platforms (with highest Revenue per customer, CTR and conversion rates.

Key Insights

  • YouTube is the most optimum paid marketing platform because it has the maximum number of impressions over 9 months, Highest CTR rate of 24.04% and the highest return on Investment (ROI) - 408% and highest revenue per customer of $187.
  • Maximum number of visitors come through Direct Search (3.8 million). It is the best platform with the highest number of impressions ($23.5 million) and is a free channel with CTR of 16.39% and conversion rate of 19.72%. Company should tap this channel to have maximum conversions.
  • For state-wise paid campaign California has 1.17 million sales with YouTube as highest source of paid sales.
  • Paid Sources cater the maximum traffic (6 million) and Sales value (4.6 million) as compared to free sources which have the traffic of 4 million and sales value of 0.8 million respectively.
  • The CAC is highest in LinkedIn ($80.54) and Instagram ($ 79.24) with cumulative sales of 1.56 million and ad spend of 1.41 million with least ROI. Company can save cost on these platforms.
  • YouTube has the maximum number of followers on social media where company can build good brand awareness.

There can be multiple KPI’s which a company can analyse using these dashboards and can optimize maximum ROI , conversions and keeping the lowest ad spend.

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